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Bed Bugs and the Dangers of Pesticides

Misusing pesticides can affect your possessions, your home and most importantly, your loved ones. If you have a bed bug infestation it is important that you consult a professional bed bug exterminator. The professionals know what they are doing and know how to safely treat your home, eliminating bed bugs and keeping your family safe. Pesticide dangers are very real. If you are determined

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Bed Bugs and Apartment Buildings

As with any infestation, the key to dealing with a bed bug problem in your apartment building is to successfully identify the infestation. If you are waking up to patterned, itchy bites, find red pin-prick like spotting on your bed sheets, or see small, dark insects darting across your furniture or floors, it is likely you have bed bugs. If you suspect you have bed bugs in your apartment

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Bed Bugs and Mental Health

A bed bug infestation takes a toll on your home and your body, but can also have a serious effect on your mind. While the physical effects of bed bugs have been well documented by victims,bed bug exterminators and medical professionals, the psychological effects are only just beginning to be studied. One of the most common psychological symptoms of bed bugs is insomnia, difficulty falling

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Bed Bugs and Furniture

Bed bugs are most commonly found on, underneath and inside of your furniture when invading your home. One of the major bed bug related decisions people have to make when dealing with an infestation is what to do with their furniture. Bed bug treatments can be expensive and costs can increase exponentially if you have to replace your bedding, mattress, bedframe or couch. Allphase's heat

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Bed Bug Myths

Here we look at some of the most common bed bug myths: Myth: Bed bugs can fly False: Bed bugs do not have wings and cannot fly. However, they do move very quickly and can be hard to see. Myth: Bed bugs don't like the light True: Bed bugs most often feed at night and prefer dark places, like the underside of a mattress, behind a headboard or inside of a wall and will scatter when

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